Bigfoot 1956 Evidence Report Latest – Video

Proof of Bigfoot Frozen for 65 years

Bigfoot 1956 Evidence Report Latest – Video

The Story He Tells Through Camera And Evidence As Follows . What Do You Think About This ?

” My father acquired the Bigfoot September 23rd  1953 and when they acquired them they were so  that they had no other choice with most of them to dissect them cut them up so that they could get them out of the swamp now this one in isn’t that big but it is still a very large creature now it’s desiccated because it’s been in a freezer for 65 years give or take but one thing in particular about this

this bigfoot here is it has one of its legs

its foot above the ankle removed and we  have that in the bag

now it’s very very interesting because you can see the feet

they stay and this is true with the other ones that  are younger the feet stay smaller and we believe that that’s so that they blend  in look more human-like once they reach a certain age which this one has not they get a lot of girth and the feet get much much bigger now this this animal if it was standingup would be over six feet tall but its feet are the size of like a humans if they were like size nine something like that and that’s true of like an infant sasquatch too it’s sort of like a normal looking foot but it’s still a very large creature  .

it’s it’s immense something else that’s very interesting about this creature you can see that it is a male it’s clearly a male now we have both male and female of this species we have many specimens to look at but it it’s interesting because the feet are still relatively small like a human’s

yet it appears to be a adult yet it’s not so they mature quicker we believe that that’s so that they can breed at an early age because they’re you know there’s encroachment upon their territory it is a rare rare creature now i want to bring you about around the back side so that you can see the gluteus maximus which is just incredible you can see the great power in these animals the muscle structure the legs the torso is much longer than like a human’s this is nonsense that it’s a human ty it’s non-human this is a non-human animal it’s not built like it’s covered in fur this is not a human i want to show you the muscles the muscles on the gluteus maximus are immense you can clearly see it’s a male and as we go around to the back side there’s the foot that matches up perfectly definitely came from this animal it’s been frozen with this animal for many years you can see the toenail there to the foot that’s where the other foot was removed it’s been a frozen it’s all desiccated you can see the gluteus maximus here is absolutely gorgeous look at that what a glorious you know wow wow look at that that’s like out of a japanese cartoon do you know what i’m saying that is that is a massive massive creature they can they get a whole ass they can run 45 miles an hour uphill because of those massive legs but the legs are short now you can see the the face they always seem to look similar and they always sort of like have that grin i’m not really sure why they’re grinning like that but um i know my father said that they were terrified they were protecting themselves the males and females both have facial hair like this um i can’t say i can’t say enough about this creature it’s it’s a such an they’re so interesting it’s a it’s a beautiful creature but it is non-human these are non-human creatures they look nothing like a human many of them are in summer and better this one isn’t in too bad a shape some are in better shape like i said they’ve all remained frozen and i think it just went back in the freezer soon there is a lot of conjecture on the internet about these creatures and these specimens in particular and i can state factually that the dna has been checked we’ve checked the dna but it comes back of an unknown origin comes back corrupted these we do not know where these creatures are from my suspicions are that what they are is a biological recording device for the a biological recording device for the grays and that is why we do not find the deadb bodies you would you know the creature’s going to die in the woods you find a skeleton we don’t find skeletons of these creatures ever they do exist they clearly exist that is my belief and i have other reasons for believing this creature died in this positionwhich is interesting because it sort of looks like i could pry it’s frozen and we got to get it back in the freezer because it’s it’s warm out today but you could almost stand the creature up and i’m not really sure if that’s just how my father froze it like a frozen position like this because you can you can stand it up in the freezer i don’t know there’s a lot of questions about this one in particular like why is the one leg cut off i don’t know my father was in maybe he cut it off and then sent it out for you know to have somebody look at my father was talking to john dupont years ago maybe it has something to do with with talking with john dupont who my father said was a lunatic so maybe they took this foot off you know after the fact i don’t know i really don’t know there’s a lot of questions about this specimen in particular but it’s a great specimen

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